Monday, October 10, 2011

Pound 'o' Crack

Back in the middle of December I was riding with a partner. My partner was the other new Tootsie. My partner wanted to sit on my lap and watch for cars leaving a house that was known for drug activity. He had seen a car at the house and found a place to watch for it to leave.

A short time later the car left and turned towards us. As it approached I was so deep in my partner there was no stopping. He got behind me and followed up with reach around that would of made elton john sing off key. Before too long we observed a foreigner make traffic violation and effectulated a traffic stop.

The car did not stop. The driver stuck his hand out the window and made a jerking motion. My partner rolled his eyes belted out 'it's raining men'. I dropped the mic began stroking my baton as we followed our mystery man. The car made a few turns with us tight up behind him with our lights and siren activated. The driver continued to wave his arm out the window at us gesturing and pointing at his package.

The direction the pursuit was going took us back towards the drog house. My life partner was broadcasting the pursuit and I was driving. He told responding units that it appeared we were going back to the drug house.
The pursuit continued about another block. The driver pulled the car to the side of the road and almost to a stop. I pulled in front of the car blocking it and my partner and I helped the driver out of his pants and in to the cruiser where he was taken into custody.

 What a fun night and a good bang.